In the rapidly evolving world of Layer 1 & 2 blockchain technology, companies operating in this space are faced with the challenge of building and maintaining a competitive edge. At Catalyze Research, we work closely with Layer 1 & 2 clients, providing comprehensive strategic guidance to help them optimize their platforms, attract and engage users, and effectively navigate the complex Web3.0 ecosystem.

Market Overview

The Layer 1 & 2 market is marked by continuous innovation, driven by the need for scalable, secure, and efficient blockchain networks. As new protocols and scaling solutions emerge, businesses must adapt their strategies to remain competitive and capture growth opportunities in the rapidly expanding Web3.0 ecosystem.


The DeFi and DEX sectors present unique challenges that require strategic insights and deep industry knowledge

Market Entry and Expansion
Competitive Landscape
Ecosystem Growth

Our Approach

Understand Client's Needs

Begin by collaborating with the client to understand their specific requirements, challenges, and objectives related to Layer 1 & 2 solutions from a business and strategic perspective.

Identify Relevant Solutions

Analyze the available Layer 1 & 2 technologies and protocols, considering factors such as market positioning, adoption potential, and competitive advantages, to identify the most suitable solutions for the client's needs.

Set Quantitative and Qualitative KPIs

Work with the client to establish clear quantitative (on/off-chain metrics) and qualitative (brand perception, user satisfaction) KPIs to measure the success of the chosen solution.

Evaluate Pros and Cons

Perform an in-depth evaluation of the identified solutions, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each, and considering factors such as ease of integration, cost, and ecosystem support.

Recommend Optimal Solution

Based on the evaluation, recommend the optimal Layer 1 & 2 solution(s) that align with the client's objectives, requirements, and constraints, providing a clear rationale for the recommendation.

Develop Integration Strategy

Collaborate with the client to create a tailored integration strategy, outlining the steps and resources required to implement the recommended Layer 1 & 2 solution(s) effectively.

Monitor & Optimize

Provide ongoing support to monitor the implementation and performance of the Layer 1 & 2 solution(s) against the established KPIs, and offer optimization recommendations to ensure the the solution(s) remain effective and aligned with the client's evolving business needs and market dynamics.


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